About Us

With over 30 years of hospitality experience, Executive Chef Joseff VanHorn wants to make YoChef’s Catering Company one of the premier catering companies in Grand Rapids MI.

Chef Joseff gathers his skills and culinary knowledge from great establishments in Grand Rapids and La Jolla, California.

Before he created his first dish, Chef Joseff vowed only to use the freshest ingredients. He infuses each meal with passion and creativity.

After years of dreaming he’d own his own company, Chef Joseff began YoChef’s Catering Company in October 2009

The 1913 Room, The Spinnaker, The Peninsular Club, Milligans, and “The Spot” in La Jolla, Calif. all contribute to Joseff’s palate. WZZM 13’s “My West Michigan” consistently features Chef Joseff, where he must put his culinary skills to the test.

Chef Joseff is a member of the Wyoming/Kentwood Area Chamber of Commerce and Local First.

Of all the catering companies in Grand Rapids MI, YoChef’s prides itself on courteous and responsive service. Fall in love with each and every dish from YoChef’s Catering Company!

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